Custom chandelier installation


Test installation for custom chandelier in factory

General safety specification details for chandelier installation:

1. The hanging rod must have a certain length and can be adjusted to prepare for adjustment. An electric box should be hung under the rod and sling to facilitate the chandelier to contact the power source. 

2. The most basic requirement for lighting installation is to be firm. When installing all kinds of lamps, they should be installed in accordance with the requirements of the lamp installation instructions. If the weight of the lamp is more than three kilograms, it should be installed with a pre-embedded hook or a support and hanger directly fixed with expansion bolts from the roof. 

3. During the installation process of the chandelier, pay attention to the position of the chandelier, the length of the connection, and the convenient adjustment of the height of the chandelier, etc. There are installation specifications. 

4. Generally, the hanging rod of the chandelier has a certain length of thread, which can be used for adjusting the height. In addition to carefully checking whether the chassis is firmly fixed after installation, the connection reliability of the light box suspended under the sling boom should be paid attention to. 

5. The use of chandelier requires the house to have enough floor height. Whether it is installed in the living room or the dining room, the chandelier cannot be hung too low. Generally, the height of the suspender can be adjusted.

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