how to install chandelier on ceiling


Chandeliers are already a relatively common product category in household lighting products. It is important to buy a good chandelier, but it is also important to learn how to install a chandelier. Today, I will talk about this knowledge for everyone.

How to install the chandelier.

how to install chandelier

Mainly considers the connection of embedding parts and transition parts.

  1, first embed iron or wooden bricks in the structural layer (except for the water brick load-bearing). The buried position should be accurate, and there should be enough room for adjustment.

  2. Set transitional connecting pieces on the iron parts and wooden bricks to adjust the error of the management parts, which can be nailed, welded, screwed through with the management parts.

  3. Boom and sling are connected with the transition piece.

How to install the chandelier installation precautions

Paying attention to the following three points during installation and construction.

  1. If there are multiple chandeliers during installation, pay attention to their position and length relationship. Chandeliers can be installed at the same time as the ceiling is installed, so that the position and height of the light can be adjusted based on the ceiling joists.

  2, suspenders can be used directly out of the ceiling and the method of adding casing pipes. The method of adding pipes is conducive to the installation and can ensure the integrity of the ceiling panel. Only drill holes where the pipes need to be exited. The hanging cup directly out of the ceiling makes it difficult to align the board surface when it is installed. Sometimes it is possible to install the book first and then cut off the panel to dig a hole for installation, but it will affect the decorative effect.

  3. The boom should have a certain length of thread for adjusting the height. The light box is suspended under the swing boom, and attention should be paid to the reliability of the connection. 

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