How to install large chandelier?


Specification for installation of large chandeliers

1.Length of chandelier

The length of the chandelier depends on 4 conditions:

A. The height of the roof. If the height of the roof is relatively high, you can buy long size chandeliers. Because the lighting effect is better, and it is convenient for the replacement of bulbs in the future.

B. If there is a ceiling. Judge the height of the roof to the ground according to the ceiling. If there is a ceiling, short-size chandeliers can be selected,such as mount a flush type

C. specific installation methods of chandeliers should be considered for different ceilings. One is to install directly on the ceiling, which is called standard hanger installation, which can use short-size chandeliers, and the other is to fix the installation with hooks, which needs to be completed by a long rod passing through the ceiling, so it is best to install with an extended rod chandelier。

D. The thickness of the ceiling shall also be considered for the comprehensive C installation method, which will also affect the overall height after the final installation.

2.Bearing capacity of floor slab, lower chord of roof truss and beam (ceiling or cement ceiling)

A. Small ceiling is often installed on the shelf or ceiling. If there is no embedded hook, the chandelier can be installed by means of the expansion screw. Before installation, the engineering design unit shall be consulted to calculate the allowable weight according to the design, so as to ensure no loss. It recommends to use the standard hanger installation method.

B. Large chandeliers must be installed on structural layers such as floor slab, cement ceiling, bottom chord of floor slab roof truss and beam.

C. The bearing capacity of the chandelier support structure (such as a ceiling) needs to be greater than twice the weight of the chandelier itself. For example, if the chandelier you buy is 30kg, the bearing capacity of the ceiling support structure must be greater than 60kg.

3.Installation position and height of chandelier

The installation height of the chandelier not only affects the safety of future use, but also affects the use quality. For example, if the installation is too high, the light will be insufficient, and if it is too low, the light will be too fierce, which is easy to make people feel tired, depressed and dazzled. 

Therefore, installation height of the chandelier can refer to the general standard height, which is between 55 and 60cm from the bottom of the chandelier to the table. It is also more convenient to adjust and select the height by selecting lamps that can rise and fall freely.

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